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Duncan Stenhouse May 20227847.jpg

Visions of Youth

A multimedia work with interviews from young adults across Canada speaking about what it means to them to be young. This project was premiered at the Newfound Music Festival and was played by Yanet Campbell, Alex Burdock, Connor Cornick, Matthew Hardy, and Louise Brun-Newhook. 

Scales of Beauty

The first in a series of solo piano works using different scales and inspired by works of art. This installation showcases the first three pieces from the collection. This project was premiered at Catch and Release in 2019 and was performed by Stella Hui.

The Turmoil of a Bird

A chamber work written for the choreographer Zoë Vallée and a collection of dancers from Dance Studio East for the Catch and Release concert given at Memorial University in 2019 and was performed by Cleary Maddigan, Peter Perez, and Alison Clarke. 

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